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Last Updated
29 May 2007

The Structure of Number


We begin with a breakthrough way of looking
at numbers. Showing how our understanding
of mathematics is out of synch with the nature
of space, we pave the way for a new approach
to number and mathematics :

Topology of Zero


Our second article describes some of the
tools which we can employ to gain insights
into the underlying processes of number,
as we detail some of the areas to which
classic mathematics seems oblivious :

Shape and Number


Finally, this third article documents the
discovery of an entirely new non-metric
approach to number, which gives us
a new means of evaluating reality :

Synergetic Number

Here at, we've been exploring and developing a new science which moves us closer to a grand unified theory (GUT) , and which subtly differs from the current scientific goal for a GUT.

The GUT is the attempt to unify the four fundamental forces of physics, that is: gravitation, electromagnetism, the weak interaction, and the strong interaction. All well and good, but a truly unified theory would not be a theory of everything. After all, as soon as you define what looks to be everything, something new and unexpected inevitably crops up.

It recently occurred to me that what modern science is actually looking for, is the explanation for all 'things.' Now, there are two ways of approaching such a dilemma. If you take the modern scientific approach, you set out to define all 'things' through intense study of all of the possible parts. But, there's an alternative to defining everything. That alternative would be to first examine what is not a thing.

Unknown to me, this is where our experiments with number have been leading us. Our study has been revealing number itself to be more than just a descriptive device or tag for mere counting of objects. Number has it's own geometry, and by it's very nature is reflecting the archetypal patterns of the natural world. This is opening up a new scientific approach, which instead of assuming either physical substance or it's lack to be the 'ground state' of reality, takes number to be the prime reality. Number is the metaphysical language of reality, which by it's very nature explains all that is physically manifest and unmanifest. This metaphysical aspect is beyond that which can be physically defined, it is beyond the category of 'thing-ness'.

It has been commented that, all thought, by definition is metaphysical, because thought is beyond that which is physically observable. But ironically, not only is metaphysical thinking that which allows such ideas to even exist, but furthermore our entire experience is nothing but metaphysical.

It seems to me that many areas of modern science have forgotten their own roots, because at heart they are all rooted in metaphysics. In fact, one of the greatest figures in modern science: Isaac Newton, was highly influenced by alchemy and other spiritual teachings. He was inspired to develop his laws of motion from the study of metaphysical teachings.

Our experiments with number are likewise a metaphysics, as we are drawing on a diverse range of scientific traditions to broaden our horizons. These explorations, however subjective or objective, are a science in their own right.

There has been a lot of progress over the past few months, and now we have three articles exploring the structure and function of number. Although these articles are documenting the progress of a new science, it's still hard to say with certainty where this new science is going. Besides it being an exploration of meaning and truth, it seems that the process of discovery has been directing itself and by simply exploring this new territory we find many useful insights.

Naturally, much of this early work will need updating and reevaluation as we continue to explore. Finding any weak areas of theory will be an important opportunity. After all, if we are never wrong, how an we expect to learn what constitutes a truth.

Justin Lawless ~ May 28, 2007


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